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Event Study: One Firm, Two Markets and Information Asymmetry

This study is an event window study specific to Turkey's agriculture, forestry and fishing sector. The changes that a company in the relevant sector has gone through in 2020 and 2021 are under the microscope. In the study, a firm 'story' is presented, ranging from the Borsa İstanbul emerging companies market to the close monitoring market(the watch list), and then to the actions that resulted in 'failure'. As of 2022, there are only two companies listed in the sector. The company, which was excluded from the sector, was both subject to the sanctions of the Capital Markets Board and engaged in market-distorting actions. More strict control is required in the approval and activity processes of the company that has changed the title and the companies that will want to enter the sector. As a prerequisite for the protection of small investors, transparency should be treated more strictly. The common desired situation in capital markets is to ensure transparency. When disruptions occur in public disclosure, the operation may be impaired. When such faulty situations arise, the probability of financial market crimes such as information fraud will increase, and the attractiveness of the financial market to investors will decrease. These possible realizations become clear as problematic points, for economies that want to grow through financial markets.

Financial Markets and Institutions, Event Study, Emerging Companies Market, Watch List


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