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Karachai-Balkar is one of the major Turkish tribes living in the Caucasus region. This people whose history is full of exile and migration lived at first under Ottoman reign and then enters under Russian domination. After they were suppressed by Russians during Ottoman reign, Russian people who captured Caucasia, forced Turkic tribes to escape as they oppessed to Russian people. Hasavk war was the keywar for the Russian to seize the Caucasus region. At the beginning of the war Karachai-Balkar resisted to Russians, later they ceased fired but even so they had their share of Russian cruelty. Karachai-Balkar who fought to survive under Russian pressure began to migrate to Anatolia. The rest of the these people who stayed in the Caucasia were accused of treason and exiled during the World War II. A gradual migration to Anatolia from the Caucasus region started and Karachai-Balkar lived a comfortable life, they didn’t forget their own culture and traditions and have maintained these traditions until today. Many studies have been conducted on the subject before. The purpose of this research is to examine Hasavk War which was a significant milestone in Karachai-Balkar history and tham as sacresan dexiles Russian carried out after the war through compiling studies and articles written on this subject.

Caucasus, Turkishtribes, Karachai-Balkar, Hasavk war, Russians.


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