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Impact of leadership styles on Kaduna state civil service
(Impact of leadership styles on Kaduna state civil service )

Author : Abdulgaffar Muhammad  ; Umar Hamisu  
Type :
Printing Year : 2020
Number : 22
Page : 75-82




Abstract The going concern of any institution is of integral significance, but what is more important is the ability of sustaining the goin concern. The world is now becoming a global village, competition is now the order of the day if a business/public institution is unable to compete with its contemporary. It will surely go out of business. There must be driver actor which moves the competition and puts the organization longevity on the moves such actors or players is the leadership. The goal of this paper is centralized on the relationship between the various leadership styles and its impact on the Kaduna State civil service. There has been a plethora of successive government adopting mutivarient styles of leadership over the years in Kaduna State since the inception of democracy in 1999. The research adopts the leadership practices inventory theory which is of the position that performance has a relationship with leadership styles. Fainaly source of data was used for collection of data through the instrument of questionnaires. The data retrieved from 240 respondents were scrutinized and analyzed using the regression analysis. Keyword: Going Concern Competition, Longevity and Performance.

Transformational leadership, transactional leadership, laissez faire leadership and performance

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