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This text focuses on the dominant visual culture current policies, its relationship with the market and the partnership of this relationship with art. Information (visual) that indicates the actions of storing and disseminating information is a traditional form of activity that all cultures frequently resort to through art, from the first ages to the present. Because it is known that the functionality of the image is encountered even in cave painting in the history of civilization and the first data are these paintings built with communicative concern. Nevertheless, the real (purposeful) informatic image emerges in church murals in medieval Christian Europe. These (communicative) images, which emerge as an activity of the dominant system to convey itself, are informatic messages in terms of the meaning they are loaded. Accordingly, the image is always communicative between culture, market, system and individual. With this aspect, image is a type of information that enters the field of visual culture and turns into a kind of communication opportunity and it is clear that this has a transdisciplinary feature. As it can be understood, from the depths of civilization history to the present, visuality is a part of the activity of directing/managing the masses. It is also obvious that these possibilities have changed according to the visual culture instruments of the age. Like defined above, the individual interacting with the system according to the needs of the age is under the control of cultural relations networks. In this context, McLuhan pays attention in her text Medium is the Messages that the social structure came under the control of the media in the 1960s. Today, it can be said that this situation is beyond what the author claims and that the age of visual culture we live in has absorbed all the components from art to design, from artist to designer, from individual to society, into the system. Thus, a universe picture emerged in which almost all cultural productions turn into fictions that are blessed/glorified in terms of being art and/or design; in this universe built in the possibility of visual culture, visuality, which has a transdisciplinary character, has turned into a kind of communication opportunity.

Information, informatics image, visual culture


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