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Disassembly Of Light Steel Structures And Evaluation of The Situation In Turkey

In designs made by taking into account the life cycle process from the design stage, the reuse of building elements and components at the end of the buildings' life will create environmental and economic value. In this context, the Light Steel Structure Scoring System (HÇYPS) was developed to reveal the demountability level of light steel structures. In HÇYPS, each element is scored according to the main criteria of durability, sustainability and demountability. In order to score, the values of each building element taken from the literature were converted into a 5-point Likert scale. In order to use the proposed scoring system to determine the demountability level of light steel structures in Turkey, a survey was conducted to determine the most preferred materials and to determine the approach towards the demountability of light steel structures in the sector. When the data obtained was applied to the HÇYPS, it was seen that the demountability level of light steel structures in Turkey was at a good level.

Light Steel Frame, Disassembly, Reuse


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