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The Effect of Cultural Heritage Values on Destination Branding: The Case of Şanlıurfa

In the 21st century, touristic destinations like public and private organizations are also affected by the concept of competition. In this respect, it is understood that destinations need branding to create originality and difference. It is seen that the destinations that have completed the branding process gain competitive advantage over other destinations. One of the most important elements in the branding process is the preservation of existing natural structures, cultural resources and traditions, and their effective use in terms of marketing. Şanlıurfa, which has a rich variety in terms of touristic resources and has hosted many civilizations in history, is one of the destinations that should stand out more with branding. For this reason, Şanlıurfa province borders were determined as a research area. The aim of the research is to determine how the cultural heritage values in Şanlıurfa province have an effect on the branding of the destination. In addition, the cultural heritage values in Şanlıurfa province are revealed with statistical information. Interview technique, one of the qualitative methods, was used in the research. In this way, the subject is examined in depth. Within the scope of the research, face-to-face interviews with semi-structured question techniques were conducted for tourists visiting Şanlıurfa. The obtained data were summarized in accordance with the subject and suggestions were given to the relevant people and institutions. It is thought that the research will contribute to the future destination branding studies.

Destination, Branding, Cultural Heritage, Şanlıurfa.


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