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Water, which is one of the basic sources of life for the livings, is also included in human life as a cleaning/bathing culture in addition to food needs. There have been changes in the living standards of every period depending on the cleaning culture of people and tradition of hammam in terms of cleaning culture comes first. At every stage of life, the hammam comes up with different applications and functions such as bathing, having fun and socializing. One of the phases where the hammam tradition is carried out in different ways in life is the transition periods including birth, marriage and death. In this article, determination and classification of the hammam tradition applied in transition periods in Turkey in addition to functions are underscored as a result of scanning the studies on the subject. In the introduction part of the study, after brief information about the transitional periods and the hammam tradition, hammam tradition practices in transitional periods are explained under the birth title forty (puerperium) baths, circumcision baths”, in the title of marriage, “liking girl bath, engagement bath, foot-opening bath, bridal bath, groom (groom) bath”, and in the title of death “mourning bath”. In the rest of the study, the functions of baths in transition periods are emphasized. Thus, the place, applications and functions of the bath in the transitional periods that constitute the most important periods of human life are explained.

Transition periods, hammam tradition, birth, marriage, death


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