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Global climate change, which started to be discussed in the 1990s depending on the increase in global temperature averages, is shown among the most important environmental problems of today. It is clear that its future impact will increase even more if the necessary precaution and mitigation efforts are not taken decisively. A conscious society is of great importance in combating global climate change. Education institutions have a great role in this process. Geography in terms of its subject area can be expressed as the main actor in the teaching process. This study, which was conducted to determine the way the concept of global climate change is handled in the Geography Lesson Curriculum and textbooks, was carried out with document analysis, one of qualitative research methods. In this context, the curriculum and textbooks at all grade levels were examined and it was determined how the concept of climate change is included. Descriptive analysis was used to analyze the findings. As a result of the research, it was determined that the concept of climate change is not included in the curriculum. It was determined that the gains thought to be related to climate change are in the 11th and 12th grades. Similarly, comprehensive information is included in the textbooks in the 11th and 12th grade books. It is among the elective courses of the 11th and 12th grade geography course and students are in the process of preparing for the university entrance exam. For this reason, it is recommended that students be taken to the 9th grade, which is thought to be more interested in the acquisitions and topics related to climate change.

Climate change, Geography curriculum, Geography Textbooks


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