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Transportation and accommodation sectors constitute the basis of the tourism industry. Travel agencies serve as coordination with these two sectors. Aviation is the most important element of the transportation industry. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), it is accepted that the continuation of the 4-5% annual increase in the international tourism industry, which creates employment opportunities that cannot be underestimated globally and makes noticeable contributions to the country's economies depends on the developments in the aviation sector. The aviation sector is indispensable for the tourism industry. Conflicts of interests among traditional airlines, particularly with low-cost airlines (LCC) in the same sector, as well as accommodation and travel agency sectors which create a dilemma. The aim of this study is to implement the policies of traditional airlines, which make an undeniable contribution to the development of tourism, in order to achieve success under liberal system conditions, slot arrangements and to examine the worldwide model implemented by our national airline THY. Qualitative research method was used in the study, and in relation with the subject, airport capacities within the scope of ongoing developments in aviation technology, density economies that help shape airline cost structures and price competitiveness, yield management, reservation systems, flight and new aircraft types, and alliances in the industry that form the basis of the aviation industry were focused. Within the scope of the findings of the study, the THY model of aviation applied for the first time in the world was examined.

Tourism, Aviation, LCC, Density Economy, THY Model.


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