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Turks settled in Anatolia after the battle of Malazgirt in 1071 and established various principalities in these lands. One of these principalities was Artuqid. The art and architecture of Artuqid began in the Southeastern Anatolia Region and the presence of the Artuqids served as a bridge reflecting the cultural influence of Syria and Iran on the Anatolian lands. At that time, they also demonstrated their political and economic power gained with their religious, educational, health, transportation, trade and defense structures. The mosque and madrasah building types built during the Artuqid Principality period have an important place in terms of the development of early Anatolian Turkish Mosque architecture. The study consists of two stages. In the first stage, the data collection method was used and the Harput Ulu Mosque, Mardin Ulu Mosque, Silvan Ulu Mosque, which are important structures of Artuqid period, were evaluated in terms of space arrangement, plan, structural system and material. In the second stage, the tracing method was used and the effects of Artuqid architecture features on the Anatolian lands starting from the Seljuks on the Ottoman Empire and even on the mosques of the Republic period were investigated. As a result, it was observed that architectural features such as the emergence of the hospital (darüşşifa) structures, the plan type with open courtyard, the development of the dome in front of the mihrab, the rectangular planned with transverse development in harim and the emergence of double minarets were used for the first time or with emphasis. It is thought that this study, which investigates the architectural criteria that emerged in the Artuklu period buildings, which established an important link between the past and the present and took an important place in the social memory, will make an important contribution to the literature and will guide future studies.

Artuqid architecture, mosque typology, architectural design, Anatolia


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