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Stuart Hall and the Cultural Studies approach reveal the conceptualization of power and power relations and ideology in social formation within the framework of a theoretical legacy; She emphasizes that in the field of social theory, which can be interrupted by the issue of feminism and race, the personal is political, and the power is shaped within positions that are dominated and not dominated in the field of gender, sexuality and race, which do not originate from pure class conflict. Examining cultural policies in the cultural studies approach and bringing up the issue of race and gender in the politicization of culture is an important area of political struggle. Media texts are the main indicators in the production and reproduction of dominant ideologies in society. In this study, the production and consumption of meaning is examined in the context of ideology. In the production of the dominant ideology, it is examined how the dominant discourse structures are attached to the text, how they are structured in the text, and how the receiver reproduces this discourse or creates its own culture/language of resistance. Then, the ways in which the discourse produced through the media text in the social order is received by the reader is investigated. Thus, the discursive analysis of the ideology in the news will be revealed on the basis of linguistic expressions, within which meaning structures/codes the subjects are called, and whether/how the articulation to this hegemonic structure occurs. In the study, the ideology in the news text titled "I was Momentarily Mistaken, I Regret" is evaluated in a way that covers the production, consumption and reproduction processes of the news, as it also includes reader comments. Regarding the reception of discourse, Hall mentions three different readings in the form of dominant-hegemonic reading, deliberative reading, and counter reading. Here, it is investigated whether the viewer realizes meaning within the dominant code or in opposition to it, or in some opposing ways as well as professional codes. As a result, in the whole of the coding and decoding process over the news text, besides the discourse that establishes the subjects, the existence of a critical reading emerges; however, this critical reading is about the event and does not include evaluations regarding the reproduction of the dominant codes while making the news.

Theoretical legacy of Cultural Studies, L. Althusser, S. Hall, J. Lacan, news analysis, coding, decoding.


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