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In the dictionary, the word of inspiration means to leave something into the heart, to declare it through meditation, to put something in mind and to inculcate something. At this reporting, the person understands that it is an inspiration and that it is revealed by Allah Almighty and tries to fulfill it without hesitation. In this sense, especially by Allah Almighty and Gabriel ( pbuh ), it is important to be minded in a fast and secret manner. The word of inspiration also expresses the meaning of " intuition " which means to catch, to understand and to discover . According to this, the wisdom in the minds of poets and inventors can be called inspiration. The inspiration in the Qur'an is: " Allah inspired the senses of evil and the takvas (the ability to avoid evil)"to the human soul (Shams, 91/8 ). In the verse of Koran,”elheme” verb has different meanings like taught, introduced, declared, created, comprehended.. Accordingly, unlike description, drill and declaration , the inspiration is the formation of a feeling and a mind in the human heart. Just as the expression of "revelation " used in non-human beings in the Qur'an is used as an inspiration by the commentators . In this sense, as a result of " revelation / inspiration ", an instinct, programming, coding come into existence in these non-human beings. In the same way, all human beings have been subjected to " revelation / inspiration ", which we call " fıtrat " at first degree like other beings . In the second degree of inspiration, prophets before being a prophet (nübüvvet), non-prophet persons who were called in the Qur'an by the Almighty Allah said that we revealed to them ( Holy Virgin, the apostles, Moses' mother etc. ), scholars were subjected and they will. It is possible to say that inspiration is to describe in the form of a feeling that is inoculated by God into the inner world of man as to whether or not to do a business, and that this is a divine address. This article will deal with a kind of divine address, inspiration, variety of inspiration and the relation of revelation and inspiration.

Divine address, Nebi, Resul, Saint, Inspiration


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