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When the works of science fiction cinema from the past to the present are examined, space designs that are often designed inspired by architectural movements and designed in accordance with the targeted time period of production are seen. If it is not possible to produce all or some part of these space designs technologically in today's conditions, it is defined as fictional space design. In line with the technological developments and innovations experienced since the first emergence of cinema, fictional space designs continue the process of evolution. It can be seen that one of the biggest factors that has accelerated the evolutionary processes of science fiction and fictional space since the first examples is its interaction with art movements. When science fiction is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the future, advances in technology, a future society developed from existing paradigms. Sci-Fi is usually depicted in a way that makes a statement about current issues related to the future, society, the environment, politics, economics and religion, or questions them with the problems posed by the progress of science in various fields. The art and architectural movement inspired by a cinema work can be seen in all product and space designs within the scope of the film. By showing diversity most of the time, it incorporates style and design approaches from different architectural movements and offers an eclectic aesthetic integrity to the audience. For example, in the works of science fiction cinema, within the fiction of the same planet, living in the same time zone or different from each other, which belong to the same race or species, socio-cultural and Economic, the political administration of the societies differ from each other according to geographical and spatial designs-a lot of and it can be seen in production. One of the most important examples is the Dune productions. In this research, architectural analyses of Dune films in terms of fictional space will be performed.

Fictional Space Design, Space Design, Science fiction, Architecture, Interior Architecture


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