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There are sources that state that Aksaray, where the art of weaving has existed since ancient times, was an important carpet weaving center in the Seljuk and Ottoman periods. It is known that the weaving threads used in carpet and rug weaving have been obtained by hand by weavers since the past. However, today, with the developing technology, it is seen that ready-made fabricated threads are used instead of most of the weaving threads obtained by hand. The wool obtained by shearing the backs of the sheep and separated regionally according to their quality was washed and cleaned, whipped with a blowroom and then spun with yarn spinning tools such as chimney, spinning wheel and spindle. The quality of wool is regionally distinguished from the wool of the back as better quality leg and under-belly wool as less quality.The wool of the back area is used mostly in weaving. Nowadays, the whipping process is done with the machine and then it is spun with the yarn spinning tools by spinning it with a machine called comb. Among the tools used in spinning the ropes, the spinning wheel has changed over time, first of all the wheels rotating with foot power have been replaced by electric spinning wheels. In time, the demand for ready-made yarns instead of hand-produced yarns in weaving yarns increased over time. With this study, it is aimed to obtain the yarns used in weaving in Aksaray and its surroundings and to make a field research on the process steps and to share the interviews and the obtained information as written literature.

Aksaray, Weaving, Yarn, Spinning, Dye


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